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Dr. Richard Dunlap DC

Our practice includes manual and low force adjusting techniques, massage therapy, nutritional supplements (Standard Process), orthotics (Footlevelers). Also we have a comprehensive Nutritional-Detox-Wellness program that is customized to the individual.

Understanding the condition known as the spinal subluxation is vital to understanding the importance of chiropractic care. These misalignments of the vertebrae (subluxations) cause the following conditions to occur: joint damage, nerve damage, muscle and tissue damage and overall bodily dysfunction. Treatment needs to be specific to correct the subluxations and this is only accomplished via the chiropractic adjustment. The adjustment can be done by either manual adjusting techniques or with low force adjusting techniques that incorporate instruments used to “stimulate” and adjust the spine. Low force techniques are excellent adjusting techniques for individuals that are nervous and unfamiliar with chiropractic care. Along with soft tissue therapies (ex: massage), therapeutic exercise and proper nutritional supplements, health and well-being can be attained.

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